The Humboldt Orchid Society
The American Orchid Society has a wealth of information

about growing orchids.  Below are links for the following: 

AOS Culture Sheets   - These are downloadable culture sheets for 14 of the more frequently seen orchid genera.

AOS Video Library  - These are self contained videos, all you need is speakers to listen to the videos.  Topics include repotting, orchid pests and culture information.

AOS Orchid Ailments, Pests and Diseases  - These are articles taken from the AOS monthly magazine Orchids. 

AOS FAQ's - These are answers to many basic questions about growing orchids, some of them include short videos.  This is a good place for a beginner to learn about orchids

AOS Additional Orchid Resources  - Additional information about growing indoors and outdoors, greenhouses, culture information, general information, a basic orchid glossary, book reviews, other orchid organizations, reference information, websites, and internet photo libraries.

AOS Q & A  - These are questions and answers about specific orchids, orchid culture, environmental conditions and other aspects about growing orchids.  

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